Arrest warrants approved for Jonghun and Kwon, the brother of a girl group member

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The arrest warrants for Jonghun and Kwon have been approved.

On the night of May 9, judge Song Kyung Ho and Myung Jae Kwon issued the arrest warrants for the former F.T. Island member and fellow chatroom member Kwon, also the brother of a girl group member, for sexual assault charges.

The judges explained the approval, stating, “There is danger of evidence getting destroyed.”

The arrest warrant for another chatroom member Heo, an entertainment agency employee, has been dismissed. The judges stated, “It’s difficult to accept the need and the reasonability to arrest solely based on his social ties.”

Meanwhile, Jonghun, who’s accused of sexually assaulting a woman with peers in 2016, reportedly denied all accusations during the police investigation.

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