Chinese fan clubs of BTS’ V and Jungkook break record as highest group orders made with over 150k albums each

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Chinese fan bases of V and Jungkook have mass-purchased BTS‘ more recent album, ‘Map of the Soul: Persona‘.

Recently, invoices from V’s Baidu fan base were compiled on online communities to show the number of group orders made via Korean album retailers. These receipts show that albums were purchased in amounts of 2,400, then another batch of 60,000, followed by more batches of 5,000 and thousands of more copies of albums.

more copies of albums.

These numbers added up to 150,000 albums, making it one of the most albums bought by a single fan club.

In addition, the compilation of Jungkook’s fan club mass purchases also surfaced, one that amounted up to 161,000. This number is recorded as the highest number of album mass-purchases ever made, showing the power of their individual fandom presence in China.


Given the fact that BTS has not promoted in China, the strength of these fanbases that reflect on Korean music charts has greatly impressed onlookers domestic and abroad.

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