Dan Lartey Says Attention Seekers Do Peace Songs

Reporter for Flex Newspaper known as Dan Lartey has given out his opined opinion about artistes who take interest in churning out peace songs during elections.

According to Dan, he believes only attention seekers will do peace songs to persuade Ghanaians all in the name of elections.

Talking to Jullie Jay-Kanz of hellogh.com in an online interview ,the young entertainment reporter hinted that, musicians should rather call for justice and not peace because with justice we are assured of peace.

He said:

“Are we fighting as a nation? No! so why calling for peace. Is that necessary.
Some musicians are finding ways and means to get the attention of the masses and most of them want to capitalize on the  election by calling for peace. Musicians should rather call for justice and not peace cos with justice we are assured of peace.

Some musicians have been promoting countless number of songs from the beginning of the year till now and no attention has been given. They think radio and Tv stations will play it for free since its considered as National agenda, forgetting Djs and promoters already have their play list”

He added that; Up and coming artistes should focus on churning out commercial songs rather than involving themselves in calling for Peace because they are not eligible to promote peace.

Source: Jullie Jay-Kanz

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