In recent times, the issue of divorce seem to be on the rise in Ghanaian communities. More often than not these divorces come along with utterly horrible experiences, often shared by divorcees to counsel others.
In a conversation on Maximum FM, renowned Marriage Counselor and Doctor, Counsellor Doctor Fenyi attributed the phenomenon to the fact that, couples do not go through counseling before marriage, hence the incessant number of marital crisis that end up in divorce.

“Women especially should not rush in divorcing their spouses because every marriage is not perfect”, he told host Abeiku Biney on the Maximum Drive.
He explained further that according to research, some of the major factors for divorce are, Religious Difference, Money, Misunderstanding, Infidelity, Disrespect, Too Much Sex and Poor Communication.
He added that per his records 2019 to 2020 recorded the highest divorce as compared to other years with a percentage of 10%.
He also encouraged women to concentrate on their marriages, because “not all that glitters is gold; don’t easily leave your marriage, because nothing good comes easy” he emphasized.
He admonished couples to go for counseling before and after getting married to help reduce the divorce rates in the various communities in Ghana.

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