Don’t rely  only on music”- High life musician, Benji

Talented hilife musician, Benji  cautions musician not to rely only on music for their livelihood.
Benji advised that, musicians should not only make  music as a source of income

He advised persons in the art industry to have a back up plan by establishing businesses of interest which will procure high profits to support their families.
The “Adiepena” singer  says “Your music can be all over today and you will be playing shows but may be forgotten tomorrow , so make hay whiles the Sun shines”,

He further added that “use  benefits and connections you establish from music, to your advantage and build an empire of businesses, so you will not rely on family and friends when you don’t make hit songs for a while”.

He hinted on some artists like Reggie Rockstone and others who are into businesses which is literally feeding his family though they are aren’t into active music now.

The business cum musician continued by saying  that, most past musicians failed to invest in businesses,so they end up in financial crises at their old age,therefore young artists should take a cue from that and live a happy ending life.

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