Download: Ajeynim – Doka (Prod. By Afrolektra) (Mixed By Tixard)

The Myth Behind Palmwine in New Unveiled In The New “Doka” Song.
Wine! A mention of it, and almost everyone thinks of alcohol. Palm wine, which is locally known as “Doka” is no exception to this stereotype. Has it ever crossed your mind that palm wine only becomes alcoholic when it ferments? Fresh Doka is a calabash of indispensable nutrients. ” I shed tears anytime we overrate exotic beverages over our local ones, when some of these foreign drinks are unhealthy and unnecessarily expensive”: The young singer narrated.
“Tweduampon Kwame, nsa”, and palm wine trickles down to earth from a calabash. Yes, wine is regarded as the drink for gods. According to Greek mythology, wine symbolizes friendship and love. Sweat is put into production of palm wine, considering that one has to cut down a whole tree, drill a hole & tap it from the top of the palm trunk. No wonder merry making is synonymous to sipping palm wine as Chinua Achebe accounts “Doka” in “Things Fall Apart” as a symbol of celebration, relaxation and carefreeness.
Young talented musician Ajeynim born Kevin Boateng takes us through the myth behind our local palmwine which translates in Twi as “Doka” in this newly unleashed mind blowing literal and figurative masterpiece dubbed “Doka”.
” Though life is a hustle, it shouldn’t bury your happiness” : He Sang. Palm wine has antibacterial properties, minimizes cardiovascular diseases and improves eyesight, Why go begging for bronze when you have gold in your own backyard?
The first verse of the song discusses this briefly. What’s more? As God has blessed us with precious gifts without a price, so has he gifted us with Doka.
Ajeynim again indicates how he wants to be drunk not of wine but of the Holy Spirit. The musician goes ahead to explain that although the road may be tough, there are risks that have to be taken sometimes to get to the desired destination.
You would love the creativity he displayed. Song produced by Afrolektra and mixed by Tixard. Enjoy Doka Below

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