I’ve Removed 5 Ribs and Small Intestines to have My Current Body Shape – Princess Shyngle reveals

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If you thought actress Princess Shyngle will put a stop to her “perfect body” adventure, then, you have to ponder again.

The Ghana-based Gambian socialite who has been flaunting her tiny waist on social media has babbled that she has removed five (5) ribs from her body.

According to the ‘Cheerful Family’ actress, she also intends to remove five (5) more ribs, and eventual all.

The curvaceous figure who tags her current body stature as a “work of art” all divulged that her small bowel (intestine) has been taken out of her body, remaining the large bowel.

“5 ribs removed ??? 5 more to go ???? small intestines removed ? remaining the big intestines ? gat to remove all these ribs ?? who ribs ep ? you call me fake I call myself a work of art ?? #teamnowaist #melaninpoppin #princessshyngle #blackisbeautiful #saynotobleaching #gambianprincess #justforlaughs,”she shared.

Check her post out!

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