JYPE apologizes to IGOT7 for restrictions & discomfort at recent fan sign event

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GOT7 were scheduled to a Fan Autograph Session on May 25th (SAT).

Prior to the event, JYPE announced that any form of handshake and Hi-touch in general was prohibited between GOT7 members and the fans. This took fans by surprise given that this had been allowed just earlier this year at GOT7’s Japan concerts and JUS2‘s showcase tour. No further explanation was given, leaving the fans in confusion.

In addition to the handshake/hi-touch restriction and not giving fans chairs, what seemed to be professional bodyguards were hired during the event, whose attitude made the fans uncomfortable:




This, in addition to an unorganized comeback and lack of promotion, made both the Korean and International fans express their discomfort on twitter and instagram, thus making JYPE trend in several countries.


Korean fans left the following comment on GOT7’s official instagram account on the 25th:

애들도 소중하긴 하지만 팬들도 누군가의 소중한 딸인데요? 왜 범죄자 취급 하시는지

“The GOT7 members are important, but we are also someone’s precious daughter. Why do you treat us like criminals?”

그니까 우리는 돈만 내고 싸인만 받고 꺼져라? 그렇게도 안보이던 경호원분들 공식스케줄에 앨범 사고 온 팬들 악수 못하게 하려고 많이도 부르셨네요 대단하십니다 정말

“So we are just supposed to pay, receive our sign and go? The bodyguards who weren’t to be seen on official schedules [airport, recordings etc.]. You hired a lot to prevent handshakes with fans who bought the album. Really great.”


Today, JYPE posted an apology on ‘GOT7 Fan’s’ on the issue:

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