Kaakie Replies Jullie Jay-Kanz On “Sankwas” Feud


The tension and feud concerning the “Sankwas” brouhaha has finally lost home as Kaakie declares peace with  blogger Jullie Jay-Kanz.

The Sankwas hitmaker Grace Ocansey has come out to say there will be no need at all  for the female blogger to worry or opologize to her about all that happened.

Initially , Kaakie had attributed the friction that occurred between herself and Ak Songstress to   an article written by Jullie with caption :” Stop The Comparison, Ak Songstress Will Never Reply Kaakie”. She  speculated the blogger was AK Songstress’ publicist based on the content of the article in question and disclosed in many of her interviews that she dissed “AK Songstress” because she felt Jullie was talking on behalf of “AK” .


Kaakie  dropped a comment this Sunday ,16th October on a post Jullie Jay-Kanz put out on instagram on 15th September,2016  which explained why she wrote the article in question and to inform the public she(Jullie Jay-Kanz) was not Ak Songstress’ publicist as people speculated.

The post the female blogger made also included some words of apologies to the award winning dancehall musician Kaakie.

Kaakie commented that the feud was as a result of  misunderstanding and miscommunication hence there was no need the female blogger being sorry for her actions. She  added that her Sankwas single was also not directed to anyone.

However, the dancehall singer did not include in her comment who was  the cause of  the miscommunication and or misunderstanding.

Check out Julie’s post on Instagram

At the outset, it was kind of an eavesdrop but finally I heard it from the horse's own mouth. I actually watched Kaakie's interview with delay which was uploaded yesterday and I think it would be necessary I clear all qualms as she was indirectly insisting I was the cause of her feud between Shegee and Ak Songstress. As far as I  am concerned, I ( Jullie Jay-Kanz) am not AKSONGSTRESS' publicist as she ( Kaakie) has been saying in her interviews. Again, I didn't write that article on behalf of AK Songstress and never spoke on her behalf as well. I am an independent blogger and don't work for any artiste in Ghana. As a matter of fact, I was just addressing her ( Kaakie) oblivious aficionados who called Myself, Shegee and AK Songstress "Sankwas directing her "Sankwas" single to the two female dancehall acts. Mr Aborga wil affirm that my article captioned: " Stop The Comparison, AK Songstress Will Never Reply Kaakie" was a reaction as a result of Mathias's comments  passed about me ,AK,Mzvee and Shegee after Kaakie released her Sankwas single which I considered as prattle and even ended in a situation where Shegee had to take some swipes at Kaakie on her facebook platform due to this same "Mathias" person. Kaakie I didn't take your "Sankwas song personal as you have been saying in your interviews because you and I know that I am not "sankwas" and you didn't even mention my name in that song. Moreover I am not an artiste to even compete with you. I know you are hurt because you felt  my article went hard at you. Same way am also hurt because you trying to tag me as the cause of all the ruckus that happened. I just want you and everybody here to know that I love you as the others and won't hate on a colleague nurse for any reason as you are thinking. It was a lyrical thing and a dancehall ting but if you felt offended, then I will like to use this opportunity and platform to officially apologize to you. And on behalf of hellogh.com, JullieJay.com, dancehallcritics,JJK Promotions , we say a very big sorry for the pain we caused you. #PEACE #votejulliejay #ghanatertiaryawards2016

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