Kang Daniel’s Lawyer speaks about Legal Negotiations with LM Entertainment on Solo Promotions

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Kang Daniel’s lawyer speaks up on legal negotiations with agency possibly affecting promotions

Kang Daniel‘s lawyer spoke up about legal negotiations with his agency LM Entertainment possibly affecting his solo promotions.

On March 5, Kang Daniel‘s legal rep stated, “We’re currently in the middle of legal negotiations, and we’ll do our very best so that it doesn’t affect Kang Daniel‘s promotions negatively.”

According to reports, the former Wanna One member is alleged to be considering terminating his contract with the label if the terms of his contract are not adjusted.

It was previously reported LM Entertainment stated the reports of disputes between Kang Daniel and the label were due to a misunderstanding, and this recent statement from his lawyer confirms reports of a legal negotiation are true.

Stay tuned for updates on the ongoing case.

Source: allkpop.com

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