Korean women take to the streets to protest the injustice surrounding Burning Sun investigations

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Korean women have taken to the streets to protest the injustice surrounding Burning Sun investigation.

According to a report by Yonhap news on the 18th, civic groups are criticizing the results of the police investigation especially after Seungri’s arrest warrant was dismissed on Tuesday.

After the Burning Sun incident, police have conducted a massive search and investigation of suspects and reference persons, but the investigation between the club and the police, which is the core of all the suspicions has not been investigated much. There are many netizens saying that the Police is only focusing on the celebrity side because they’re highly recognized by the public.

According to the civic groups, none of the key players in the “r*pe business cartel” have been held accountable. In a press conference held by the coalition in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police agency on Friday, a representative said, “The police report said there were no suspicious ties between the police and the sex industry, and no charges could be brought against superintendent Yoon. Seungri and the other key figures of Burning Sun Gate can freely roam the streets. The result of this investigation shows how infallibly male power operates, and how easily women’s calls for justice are silenced.”

A local court also denied an arrest warrant for Seungri Tuesday night, saying the charges of embezzlement were contested due to a lack of evidence for this and his alleged arranging of prostitution services for investors.

“None of the allegations, including those of cozy relations between police and nightlife establishments, illegal filming of women and spreading of such clips, have been resolved,” the coalition said. “The police should not regard the Burning Sun scandal as an illegal act at one club; they should make a thorough investigation to eradicate the industry exploiting women and female sexuality.”

Shin Ji-ye, a former Green Party candidate for the position of Seoul mayor, said the investigation results echoed a disturbingly familiar pattern.

“It was the same 10 years ago in the sexual abuse case of the late actress Jang Ja-yeon. Key male suspects in power all got away and in the end, just the entertainment agency head and two managers got slaps on the wrist on charges of physical violence,” Shin told reporters on Friday. “If such kinds of investigations continue to be the norm, Korea will be nothing more than a kingdom of rape run by powerful insiders.” 

Netizens are also criticizing the investigation into a series of calls for prosecution involving police officials. In particular, former police chief Kang Shin-myeong was arrested previously on suspicion of involvement in the general election during the Park Geun-hye administration. Regarding this, the prosecution’s situation is not clear.

Seo Ji-hyun has sued 3 incumbent prosecutors for alleged misconduct and defamation because they didn’t follow up on various sexual harassment cases. Lim Eun-jung has also accused four high-ranking officials including Kim Soo-nam, former prosecutor general, on charges of organizing duties but police didn’t discipline or investigate him because “she changed the complaint.”

More rallies are planned over the weekend to call for stronger government action over the Burning Sun scandal and the rampant rape culture it revealed inside the nightclub business.

Over 50,000 people have signed an online petition calling for a special probe into VIP nightclub guests who allegedly paid for the provision of drugged female clubbers to rape.


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