Lyrics: DopeNation — Chairman (Kwesi Arthur Diss)

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Who for here say he be chairman
U say u reach
3hw3 wo botom oo chairman
We no see no bro o chairman
We no see no bro o chairman


Chairman we nor dey rush for this life wey we dey
wanna everything urban
Wanna mind turn mathematics
We get small chance we go make u feel less than
We dey defense see u wan block wanna shine boateng number 5 german
No beach parties siano boys where we dey we nor dey sea o berma
Me i see more of u type o ur fear dat
Somebody start dey shine u nor bab
So U figa ur career go fade like a haircut
Rappers dey come n go ibi fair fact
see guy the case is
da difference between u den somebody for street be your fame no be sickoff ur verses
If u try u go end up hearses
Or worse like my exes uh
The fact is you simply be jon
The seven seven make u think say u turn guy
Over confidence make u dey blonde
I get it get it get it get it
Ur head die (hair dye )
But then this nor be harm bro
I nor u do am for the gram bro
Dwin asana wa s3 pambrose
Na popi dey wait u for house bro !!

we be the boys with no flex
We be the boys with no cash
Try dey yob a girl sef we dey piss wanna body along the process
Virgins boys on phone sex
Ya nom bor nti no sex
Now the boys dey get block
deep freezer fr3 me hisense

You were treated and discharged
From that medikal attention you no fit come back

Flow no e heatie s3 dispatch
If u like say “the”
Motorway y3 me handbag

God dey make we dey move from Grass to Grace
Your Grind dey but we dey blend tomatoe paste
Prekese prekese
U think say u dey elevate
Lets take it back to yesterday

Cos of the love u dey get for the street
We all knw say ur story dey pain ibi sympathy people dey feel u by heart

But u nor be blood
its all in vein nigga cant u see

flow dier we get am in ceres
Game of thrones we we get am in series
Den i figa a tot of kin athur be hard non alcoholic ibi ceres
Barcelona no messi
My bars alone are
with no mercy
I show no closure
Flow deadly
U know fit come back after medikal

Ghana Hard
No be so like many of ona people go gather fans
We never dey surrender but within we understand
247 we dey hustle chale we gather bars make no hate ur brother man


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