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Christians have taken this Jesus birthday too serious, that’s what some say and they reply, probably God took them serious too for him to give them Jesus.

Followers of Christ like hyping him anytime possible and have done massive with his birthday too, but is it just a birthday story for Christ or for his follwers alike.

The mystery surrounding his birth is indeed mysterious, can you imagine Mary a real virgin not the surgical induced Nicki Minaj virginity, this is ancient virginity where the hymen is intact and not touched preserved and monitored by the holy spirit- best form of monitoring spirit, my sister’s would understand.laughing on my lips, then an angel from Adam appears and tell you about depositing the Messiah in your womb, this is where motivation of IVF was drawn from , and Mary avoiding  Joseph’s wahala of raising your legs or doing all manner of styles just to have a baby, she accepted fast before someone takes credit and then boom ante Mary is pregnant with Jesus Christ, isn’t it amazing.

The soon coming messiah is born on a day, date and a year, apart from any religious belief even humans celebrate their birthdays how much more our Christ.

One nut spoils the whole soup so the few who use Christmas as a decoy to have wild parties and engage in immoral activities have dented the image of  the celebration which the holier than thous are calling for its cancellation which casts doubts on many if it’s worth celebrating Christ’s selfless love, to come on earth in human form to liberate sinners from prisons.

The next time you are in December, don’t contemplate on enjoying to the maximum with Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Merry Christmas fellas!!!!



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