Photos of reverend sister who reportedly quit her devotion to marry officer goes viral

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There are some religions that hinder some of their participants from getting married so that they can totally focus on things of God.

However, there have been some cases where these devotees decide to take a turn and deviate from their teachings by getting married.

Several photos have been making the rounds on social media showing a lady who appears to be a reverend sister getting married to an officer.

According to a Facebook user who shared the photos, Bro Chinemerem Goodluck, the sister abandoned her calling to get married to an officer.

The caption of his post reads: “This Catholic reverend sister left her devotion and married a Police officer. Happy married life to them. What do you think about this?????”

See a screenshot of his post below:

A number of Facebook users have commented on the post with a few of them being on the side of the sister.

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