PHOTOS: Slumflower Starts Debate After Sharing PHOTOS Of Her Unshaved Private Part In “Bring Back The Bush” Campaign

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A debate about double standards and keeping pubic hair has ensued after social media influencer Chidera Eggerue, popularly known as The Slumflower, shared a photo of her unshaved private part.

The Slumflower posted a photo of her pubes to Twitter. She had on a skimpy bodysuit that did little to cover her lady parts and the hairs there were visible in the photo.

In her caption, she spoke about societal standards of beauty and how women are shamed and called dirty for letting the hairs on their body grow. She added that women are expected to shave every hair on their body to have skin that looks like a baby’s own.

She went on to reveal that she’s starting a Bring Back The Bush campaign to tackle the stigma placed on women for keeping hairs on parts of their body other than on the head and the eyes.

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