Sadick Adams Okocha Writes About The Welfare Of Ghana Football Players “We Don’t Eat Branding”

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Just because people are making so much positive comments on branding doesn’t mean you should focus on that more than the players welfare”…Focus on the players welfare and what you can make them become or what they can become in the near future without begging…We don’t eat branding.

He Therefore Warn anyone who tries to twist his words Sadick Adams Okocha is fighting for football players and and upcoming ones.
“I knew very well my words were going to be twisted as usual about what I wrote yesterday concerning our clubs focusing more on branding than the players welfare..Whoever twisted my words and singling out this great two clubs is doing him or herself harm…Just know whatever we do here we will account it one day when we are no more,

Don’t create hatred between players,clubs and supporters just because you want readers and also to feed your pocket…GENERALLY ,I still say,focus on the players welfare than the branding ??


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