Sarkodie – Take It Back (Official Video)

The Alexx Adjei directed video opens with a gramophone booming out a voice clip of Neo’s message to the Machines at the end of The Matrix (movie). Take It Back sees Sarkodie rapping about the current state of Hip-Hop, where strong lyricism is lacking.

The video is shot in black-the backdrop to the apparels of those featured. Sarkodie pays homage to the pioneers of Hiplife who built the blocks of what is today’s biggest music in Ghana, by flashing through pictures.

He also mentions a few of today’s new generation of talented rappers who are poised to carry on the torch of excellence further.

With high energy choreography, skull heads and a burning placard on which is written ‘Weak Flow’ Sarkodie is reminding others to eschew mediocrity and embrace hard hitting lyrics, which are the hallmark of great Hiplife rappers whose music inspired a lot of rappers  today.

Watch it below.

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