Nana Twummasi Ankrah Writes,

When we criticise and talk about their favorites, the next thing you will see on their walls are lengthy essays and thesis proving why we should just accept things the way they feel.

Bunch of hypocrites
Who even told you that how you see things and feel must be the norm for everyone? Why do you think some people prefer +233 bar as their favorite joint and others see sky bar as their joint? Even when it comes to church, why do others accept Saturday as their day of worship and others on Sunday? Has anyone criticised and said Saturday or Sunday is the norm?
The fact that one will choose a favorite away from yours does not make him a fool. The problem rather is when you refuse to respect his choice like the way he/she has accepted yours. Hello???

And who the hell documented that your choice and favorite is the norm?
One listens to Shatta’s songs and people just see him as inferior and does not know good songs. Abeg, na which of your accounts does your so called good songs you listen deposit some amount?

Most practiced norm is taking some fruit juice or tea when one wakes up but Kwabena Aplanke will be here taking banku right from bed and this person will have the courage to refute and rubbish your choice of music and favourite.
God fill your head with sense.

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