Shawn Storm & Bugle To Inspire The Ghetto’s With New Single “Nuh Curse”

Just months after releasing his mellow, yet hard hitting reggae EP entitled The Real Sivva, Shawn Campbell better known as Shawn “Sivva Siv” Storm is ready to release a new single with fellow musician Bugle.

The song “Nuh curse” imitates the theme of his previous project as it “uplifts the ghetto yutes.” Storm says the song is dedicated to those who don’t like to see others prosper. Fans can anticipate the release of the collaboration  in June from his label Kwashawna Records.

The song will be available on all digital outlets. Storm continues to show us a different side of his artistry, first with the release of his prestigious reggae EP and now with an unexpected collaboration with Bugle.

One can only imagine how the two artists will compliment each other on this track. Bugle known for his melodic style and Shawn Storm known for his tremendous use of word play infused with his “Sing-jay” abilities. The song is expected to be easy going and catchy to the fans of both artistes. The was produced by: Kwashawna Records.


Source: Jullie Jay-Kanz

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