Stop Comparing Me To Kojo Antwi – Kwaisey Pee

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Highlife Musician who is often compared to the Ghana’s music maestro, Kojo Antwi, said he is tired of being linked to Kojo Antwi.

After years of been touted as Kojo Antwi’s successor, Kwaisey has finally drawn the line between the two citing that Ghanaians should stop comparing him to the legend since he chose his own path after Kojo Antwi during the early days of the comparisons was not happy with it.

In an interview on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Kwaisey Pee, disclosed that Kojo Antwi is not happy with the initial comparison and with that, he chose to represent his own style of music though he loved his music.

According Kwaisey, he really likes Kojo Antwi and he followed him to let him know how he admires him but Kojo has refused to acknowledge or mentor him in any way.

“He is a great artiste, I like him, I like his songs and that is why I was following him. But since I realised he was 
 not about how people compare the two of us, I have decided to create my own style”.  

As to why Kojo Antwi was not happy with the comparison, he noted that it was a way of the artist to encourage him to represent his own brand.

According to him to copy someone’s brand later tend to have a bad impact on your brand and thus his decision to disassociate himself from being compared to the music legend.

“I want Ghanaians from now to stop asking me about why I sound like Kojo Antwi. I want us to stop this Kojo Antwi business because I am not happy about it and he also not happy. So it has to end there”, Kwaisey Pee stated.

Kwaisey Pee is currently promoting his new single which he teamed up with Yaa Yaa titled ‘Mabre.’

Watch the interview below:


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