Stop PRESSURIZING me to MARRY – Afia Pokua

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Multimedia’s Afia Pokua popularly called ‘Vim Lady’ has told Ghanaians especially her family, friends and close associates to desist from pressurizing her to marry.

She said the narrative where society forces people to marry and be at places without their consent should be stopped henceforth

Vim Lady warned society to stop meddling in her marital affairs, asking why women who have reached certain heights and age in life are always pressured to marry.

According to her, she will marry at the appropriate time and that society should stop forcing her to marry adding that society should be more concerned about her happiness and peace of mind than to push her into a marriage God hasn’t planned for her.

She further questioned why people tend to give respect to people after they have married.

‘I don’t know why they want to get into my business, that’s the attitude of Ghanaians, they do that to women, they don’t do that to men who are not married, they don’t even care if men are married or not. Once it’s a woman or Afia. Why must women marry before they are appreciated or respected, that’s my only worry, must I marry before I become worthy of your respect, before I can become worthy of your time, it’s a narrative we have to change, but I don’t care about the pressure to marry though,’ she on Hitz FM monitored by

According to her, everybody’s journey is different explaining that some women were born to marry at the age of 16, 20, 30, 40 years whereas others were born not to marry at all.

‘Everybody’s journey is different, some will marry at 20, some will marry at 16 years, Somebody will marry at 30, somebody will marry at 40, somebody will marry at 50 it’s about peace of mind, are you happy, we are forcing lots of people into things,’ she said.

She said people will be judged individually according to their deeds on earth and that she will not waist her time to add people’s burden to her life.

Sounding Biblical, Vim Lady indicated that there’s a God who controls the affairs of human beings and that people should be allowed to live their lives.

‘We tend to forget that there is a divine force, the World belongs to somebody, there’s a God up there who controls the affairs of humans, who says the heart of a King is in his hands, so we forget and we think people should do what they should do and we force people to go outside what God has planned for them,’ she said.

Afia Pokua stated that she will marry when she’s happy saying she doesn’t want to rush into a premature marriage that will go sour within some few years.

‘I want to marry, but I don’t want to marry when I’m not happy, because if I’m going to the altar today and a problem emerges, I will walk off,’ she asserted.

She cited Highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena and Television Personality Afia Schwar who were blasted by society after their marriages collapsed.

‘When they push people to the wall, they are the same people who will come and fire when the marriage collapses, Kwabena Kwabena are they not firing him,’ she asked.


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