Strongman Vrs Kweku Smoke; The beef has already started on Twitter, We just waiting for the lyrical Version.

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Well, it seems we are about to experience another hot beef in the music industry.

Strongman just want to be untouchable in this game, expecially when you are a new bees who tries to drag his name in any of your statements.

What actually went down.

Kweku smoke made what many saw as harmless tweet and mentioned Strongman’s name in it

It seems rapper strongman didn’t take it lightly and was very offended with Kweku Smoke’s tweet. He also replied Smoke’s tweet by warning him never to drag his name in any of his useless arguments

Many people was not happy with Strongman’s reply as tweeter users bashed him for replying a harmless tweet with such comments.

Kweku smoke on the other hand also felt unhappy with Strongman’s reply and also gave another blow to strongman by telling him even his brand is not nice at all.

Well, the beef is just on twitter but we are waiting for the lyrical Version of the beef.

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