Top 10 Hotels in Tamale, Ghana

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Top 10 Hotels in Tamale, Ghana

Tourism and hospitality in Tamale, Ghana is one of the finest in the country.

Hotels play key role in the city’s tourism sector.

Today, presents the top 10 hotels in Tamale.

This aims at helping holiday makers or visitors in Tamale find the best places to lodge while in the city.

They include, but not limited to Mariam Hotel, Global Dreams Hotel, and Ganaa Hotel.

Check the list out (in no special order)!

  1. Modern City Hotel

    Modern City Hotel Tamale

  2. Ganaa Hotel

  3. Hotel Zosimli

  4. Jeyads Lodge

  5. Mariam Hotel

  6. Picorna Hotel

  7. Global Dreams Hotel

  8. Radach Lodge & Conference

  9. Mum Hotel

  10. Nim Avenue Hotel

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