X1 & IZ*ONE’s reps give update on group status and members

X1 and IZ*ONE‘s reps gave updates on the status of the groups’ comebacks as well as the members themselves.

The December 10th episode of SBS‘s ‘Access Showbiz Tonight‘ covered the aftermath of the ‘Produce‘ series vote-rigging scandal, interviewing X1 and IZ*ONE management. One X1 manager expressed, “There’s nothing we can tell you yet. I apologize. We’ll contact you at a later time. Nothing has been decided as of now.”

IZ*ONE’s reps stated, “The members aren’t doing anything at this point. I think we’ll be able to make a move once we see the results.” As for the Japanese members, a rep stated, “They’re in Korea. They’re currently in a situation where promotions are in a hiatus. It was right before their album was going to be released.” On questions about the vote-rigging scandal, the rep responded, “The members didn’t do anything except work hard promoting for 1 year.”

Stay tuned for updates on X1 and IZ*ONE.

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