B.I finally credited for not 1 but 2 songs from Eun Ji Won’s album

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Back on June 27th after hearing track #4 of YG Entertainment’s Eun Ji Won’s latest album, iKONICS discovered that the song “Worthless” sounded very much like a song they had heard before for both the melody and the lyrics. Indeed, it had been a song B.I had played for them back in December 2017 during a Vlive. iKONICS then trended #CreditHanbin and YGE released a statement that they would do so as the album credits omitted his name.

Fast forward almost 3 months later and the album is finally on KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association). As it was long overdue, many had found it suspicious. Those suspicions proved to be warranted as B.I actually had a second song credited to him as lyricist and composer, track #3 on Eun Ji Won’s album called “Sexy” which YGE failed to mention when they were called out for “Worthless”

Many fans knowing B.I’s style had suspected the song to be his:

As YGE will only acknowledge proper song credits if it’s called out by fans, it makes you wonder which other songs out of YGE, past and future, have the proper credits.

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