Fans worry over Red Velvet Wendy’s Chuseok holiday plans

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Fans have been worrying over Red Velvet Wendy‘s Chuseok holiday plans.

It’s known among Red Velvet fans that Wendy has spent the holiday alone for years, telling fans the flight to visit her family in Canada and back would take 2 days. She also chose to spend the holiday alone in the group’s dorm as she didn’t want to spend Chuseok with her members’ families for fear of interrupting or imposing on precious family time.

However, Wendy revealed at a recent fan sign event that 5 years after debuting with Red Velvet, she’d be able to celebrate the Chuseok holiday with her family. She told fans her mother would be traveling to Korea from Canada to spend the holiday with Wendy.

Good news!

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