I Will Never Ever Pay Tithe To Any Pastor : Shatta Wale

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There have been a lot of controversies regarding tithing among Christians. The topic has drawn out have diverse opinions. Many believe that it is an instruction from God and should be adhered to. Others believe that it’s just a ploy some pastors use to milk cash from their naive congregants.

Well Shatta Wale has his opinion about tithing. According to the Dancehall musician he tithes but doesn’t give it to pastors but he tithes by giving it to needy people he comes across.

Expressing his stance on the controversial topic, he explained;

”I pay Tithe but not to any Pastor, I now pay Tithe in the form of giving to the random people i meet on the street, and i would continue to pay my Tithe in this form but not to any Pastor”

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