LOI delay comeback to December in hopes of a full, 11-member reunion

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According to an exclusive report on September 6, project group IOI recently confirmed their comeback time frame for this December.

IOI insiders told media outlets, “IOI’s comeback has been confirmed for December. The decision came about after taking into consideration the members’ schedules, the completed quality of their comeback songs and other production preparations, etc. A specific date has yet to be set, but it will likely be in early December.” 

Previously, the IOI girls were projected to return as a 9-member group this October with members Kim Se JungChoi Yoo JungKim Chung Ha, Kim So Hye, Zhou JieqiongJung Chae YeonKim Do YeonKang Mina, and Lim Na Young. However, according to insiders, IOI’s side has persisted in contacting the agencies of Jeon So Mi and Yoo Yeon Jung even after the above news reports in the hopes of a full, 11-member reunion. One insider remarked, “The possibility of Jeon So Mi and Yoo Yeon Jung’s participation in the reunion has risen more than before.” 

Meanwhile, this will mark IOI’s reunion approximately 2 years and 11 months since the end of their contract in January, 2017. IOI’s reunion promotions will be managed by Wanna One and X1‘s label, Swing Entertainment.

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