Lyrically You Can’t Compete Stonebwoy – Asem Fires Shatta Wale

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Ghanaian popular rapper Asem has told Shatta Wale to keep quiet because he can never compete with stonebwoy.

Recently there was a big clash between Ghana most popular dancehall artist Stonebwoy a.k.a 1Gad and Shatta Wale a.k.a kingAlready.

But at the event Shatta Wale run out of the stage after Stonebwoy is using his wired lyrics and seriously singing.

Shatta Wale tweeted, saying he even forgot to perform one of his banger “Kpuu Kpaa”after people were saying he week and can’t compete 1Gad.

Your artiste came on stage to perform for his fans with his hit songs and you expect me to be serious, Shatta Wale said.

After his tweet, Asem reply him asking him to be quiet because he is no near Stonebwoy when it comes to lyrics.

“Stop lying, the messes are woke now their eyes are open everybody watch the show and saw how you were using comedy tactics. Because lyrically you don’t near 1Gad”, Asem to Shatta Wale.

According to Asem, Shatta Wale run off the stage like a man with diarrhoea rushing to the toilet.

See all the actions bellow:

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