Malicious sasaeng fan leaks private photo of Song Yoo Bin & Kim So Hee kissing + netizens demand legal action

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On August 24, a photo of former MYTEEN member and ‘Produce X 101‘ contestant Song Yoo Bin and former ‘Produce 101‘ season 1 contestant Kim So Hee displaying private skinship was leaked via online communities and social messengers, quickly garnering attention.

The photo shows a male suspected as Song Yoo Bin and a female suspected as Kim So Hee kissing. Despite the fact that the two are wearing masks, many claim that the individuals are undoubtedly Song Yoo Bin and Kim So Hee.

After the photo became a trending topic online, netizens alleged that a sasaeng fan leaked the private photo with malicious intentions in light of Song Yoo Bin’s upcoming duo debut with Kim Kook Heon. Netizens pointed out that despite being Music Works labelmates until recently, Song Yoo Bin and Kim So Hee have never been involved in any dating rumors or scandals previously, and that the leaked photo is a significant breach of privacy. Back in 2017, Song Yoo Bin did appear as the male lead of Kim So Hee’s “Sobok Sobok” MV.

Netizens are currently demanding that Music Works take strong legal action against the sasaeng fan who first spread the photo online. Some commented, “How in the world did some fan even get that photo in the first place? Do celebrities have that little privacy?”, “Leaking a photo of this degree is basically a crime”, “Did they leak this because they were pissed about MYTEEN disbanding? That girl had nothing to do with it whatsoever. I hope they get sued”, “Whoever obtained this photo clearly got ahold of it illegally”, “OMG I feel so bad, doesn’t he have new music coming out soon”, and more.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hee’s contract with Music Works expired last month in July.

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