Men Cheat in Relationship because Most Women Can’t Satisfy Them in Bed – Kumchacha

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Kumchacha on Why Men Cheat in Relationship

Romantic relationship, anywhere in the world varies from persons to person.

While most people have reprimanded men for cheating in relationship, the cause for this has almost, always been a silent one.

Notwithstanding this, the Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry Prophet Kumchacha has stated that men cheat because most women fail to satisfy them in bed.

Speaking on e.TV Ghana’s ‘In Bed With Adwen’Prophet Kumchacha noted that sex forms 90% of marriage while 10% is for chatting, etc.

“Men cheat in a relationship because most of the women are not able to satisfy them well during s*xual intercourse,” he said.

He moved on to advised ladies to “learn how to have good s*x with their partners and always make them happy in bed.”

Watch and listen to what he said below:

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